HOW a future vision video is crafted to come alive with media [voices, images, music choices] makes an emotional and artistic statement SHOWING non-verbal insights into students' emotional experience of directing their own futures beyond their content.

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  • Story Styles can vary . . . depending on outcomes needed and time available to bring these projects to life.
  • Media Making can vary . . . depending on tools and media choices available
  • Expect their FUTURE vision stories to be the main character of the video - technology should be a supporting character in service to the story. When students care about their future story, they are less likely going to want to "decorate" up a multimedia product.
  • Encourage final I-imagine vision videos to be watched again and again and again . . . the more students view their visions. . . the more it lodges in the brain and heart!

Help us to celebrate your work with students' visions as well as . . . inspire others. You are invited to send any final BEST student I-imagine Videos for summer ISTE 2016 GalleryWalk at the Digital StoryTelling PlayGround. Email to

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Enjoy a Virtual GalleryWalk of I-imagine Story Styles [Click Here]

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