I-imagine Project Training

The better way to motivate each student to learn is through his or her passion. Passion drives people to learn (and perform) far beyond their and our expectations. And whatever is learned through the motivation of passion is rarely if ever forgotten. ~ Marv Prensky

Bernajean – author and enthusiastic promoter of ANYTHING that increases joyful learning is now offering I-imagine™ Materials and Training!

Let IT Begin ~ Where Do You Start

Keynote Presentation (call to action)
1/2 day - 1 Day Workshop (awareness)
Immersive 2-4 Day Camp (skill development)
Artist-in-Residence (Working w/ students & their teachers onsite from start to finish - culminating in teachers learning the processes and skills needed in real-time PLUS a Hollywood-style, showtime celebrating our kids lives matter!)


Calling all educators to illuminate - motivate - inspire students' sense of identity and purpose through exploring, mining understanding and imagining taking their place in the world. Boredom in schools has reached pandemic proportions – working against our goals of preparing students for their futures. Enter the power of story a la I-imagine™ Project ~ creating 3-4 min vision videos is grounded in new research for inspiring hope, joy, passion and action in students discovering and activating their own life-goals ~ living in the truth that their lives and talents matter to the world. Narrative story is one of the oldest and most proven tools for motivating individuals to engage in change, mobilized by inspired hope while activating positive actions NOW.

Our inner stories exert tremendous influence on us, driving us and limiting -- or enlarging -- our sense of reality and possibility. I-imagine™ vision video projects can use many different media while still meeting the purpose of inspiring young people to explore, mine and invent their BEST life story twenty years from now, unleashing our youth's potential to imagine making a difference in the world with their unique gifts. Finding purpose and passion are the hallmarks of a life that matters, a life worth living. They are also the source of joy and happiness. The greatest gift parents and teachers can give their children is to help them discover, nourish and act on this truth NOW. It is especially important to close the project with a concert style celebration.

• I-imagine™ Waking UP a Generation for Their Own Greatness (For Teachers)

Duration ~ One (1) Hour Session to Four (4) Day Camps

  1. To inspire educators to inspire students in creating and nourishing their own best future using research-based strategies embedded in I-imagine's™ Scrapbooking Journey, activating purpose, hope and passion for learning and living a life that matters.
  2. To prepare teachers for the process, curriculum and results of I-imagine™ projects with students.
  3. To model the use of technology-based, multimedia skills in crafting projects that impact and influence student lives.
  4. To share student-produced vision videos and lessons learned from classrooms that invested in I-imagine's™ Journey to awaken dreams and hopes.
  5. OPTIONAL: To create own vision video with immersive experiences preparing educators to teach and inspires others.

• Artist-in-Residence Program Adventures (Onsite with Students and Teachers)
Duration ~ One (1) Week to Four (4) Weeks

Minot_Composite.pngI-imagine™ Taking My Place in the World artistic residencies bring unique and powerful opportunities for your students and staff while learning-in-motion together with a working professional artist. This onsite learning experience launches new communication literacies that are less about mastering technical skills than about being able to design and communicate information that artfully uses sound, images, transitions and special effects in ways that dance ideas together into illuminated understandings. Each participant is immersed in learning the skills needed through crafting their own 2-4 minute video.

Expect a flexible, interactive, hands-on style tailored to the meeting learners, curriculum and school staff at their readiness and learning levels. Bernajean purposefully works in cooperation with the grade-or content area teachers to develop projects with outcomes that challenge and motivate the students while demonstrating practical classroom strategies as real-time staff development with visible success for students. Topics and length of time onsite are negotiated for desired deliverables.

Every residency culminates with a “show time” of their productions in a finale "concert setting." Bernajean’s learning environments are designed and paced to enable participants to master skills, processes and the craftsmanship now needed in creating ALL kinds of exemplar multi-media products beyond storytelling.

Guiding Questions for I-imagine™ Student Projects
  1. What does it meant to shine my light in the world?
  2. How would you know that my light is shining?
  3. What are my own strengths, talents and personal gifts?
  4. What are all the ways I might shine my light in the world?
  5. What are the seven steps to storymaking?
  6. What story style will I use to develop my vision video?
  7. What is my future story 30 years from now?
  8. Have I crafted my narrative story with all the Take Six: Elements of Good Storytelling?
  9. What digital tools will I use to create my vision video?
  10. How performing is my voiceover?
  11. How illuminated is my media use?
  12. How will I close the gap between here and there?