I-imagine Webinars 2015with Bernajean Porter, Julie Jaeger and Special Guests:Cyrus Carter [Roberts College H.S. - Istanbul]Ron Winter and Mardi Hagar [Nellie Coffman MS, Palm Springs, CA]

FINAL i-imagine BK collage.jpgSpecial Offer to Webinar Participants~

Special complimentary "I-imagine PDF Curriculum Packages" [Student Scrapbook and Teacher's Guide] will be offered to all registered peeps who actively participate [not just attend] in BOTH webinars. Must also be willing to share back 2-3 student created media products for celebrating as well as inspiring others.

Webinar Hosted by . . .

Bernajean Porter and Julie Jaeger

Special Thanks to Guest Panel of Practioners:
• Cyrus Carter [Roberts College HS, Istanbul Turkey]
• Mardi Hagar [Nellie Coffman MS, Palm Springs California]
• Ron Winter [Nellie Coffman MS, Palm Springs California]

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Part 1 I-imagine Taking My Place in the World ~ The Power of Creating Future Visions with Students

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Boredom Warning.jpgAre your students sleep walking with blank screens for their own life path and purpose in life that leaves their motivation and passion for learning flatlining?

The I-imagine project uses applied storytelling techniques to awaken every student's inner dreamer and believer to the realization that the world needs their light - their unique gifts and passions in making a difference for good. It is grounded in new research [which will be shared] of an almost magical impact when hope and joy are nurtured in our youth. Hearts with daily, positive choices come alive as students begin discovering and activating their own life-goals realized during the vision video making - celebrating the truth that their lives and talents matter to the world.

Our inner stories exert tremendous influence on us, driving us either by limiting or enlarging our sense of reality and possibility. Change the story and we change what is real, acceptable, and possible . . . much like the imaginative cells responsible for a caterpillar’s DNA experiences transforming into a newer version of themselves - the butterfly! The story we tell about ourselves shapes everything we see, think and do – often without our even being aware of it.

Participants will get a detailed overview of the curriculum and processes called I-imagine: Taking MY Place in the World as a student's personal, scrapbooking journey inviting them into exploring [pre-writing] their talents, interests and gifts; then mining the best-of-the-best ideas [story plot points] that most "speak" to them and then finally inventing and crafting their best life FUTURE story with the prompt: "Create a future story of your own BEST positive life 20 years from now AS IF you are already living the life you want shining your light for good in the world."

• Inspiring educators to engage ALL students in creating and nourishing their own best future.
• Making the distinction of vision videos vs career exploration programs of old
• Using storyprompts
• Understanding the role of pre-writing and micro activities to awaken student's insights, knowingness, and commitment of living a life that matters
• Reviewing research-based strategies that activates purpose, hope and passion for learning.
• Raising engagement. Raising hope. Raising achievement. On PURPOSE!
• Reviewing the research of the added-value of media-based vision videos.
• Sharing student-produced media products and lessons learned from classrooms that invested in futuring curriculum with student vision docudramas.

Part 2 - I-imagine Waking UP a Generation for Their OWN Greatness ~ The Nutz and Boltz of Launching in Classrooms


Teachers are featured as "wave packet activators" in this HOW-TO webinar for launching and managing creating I-imagine Vision Videos in classrooms. Classroom time is precious - but we also want to prepare the teacher for maximum success! Time symbolizes what is valued in our life. Making time to unfold and celebrate the uniqueness of each human spirit during this scrapbooking journey will also deepen and strengthen the rich experiences needed for students to awaken a belief in their personal power to create a life that matters.

Teachers can plan for basic I-imagine tasks or take deeper time dives. But beware that fast tracking students’ experiences will likely negate any benefits possible. The hands-on, introspective tasks along with intermittently sharing within a larger community activates the possibilities as well as builds positive relationships that will reap a multitude of benefits through and beyond the school year as well. As they say . . . "the devil is in the details." This webinar is about the details!

• Mapping the how-to steps and processes.
• Responding to Q&A from September 21, 2015 webinar participants.
• Exploring storymaking options [docudramas - auto-bio poems - shapshots - curriculum vitas as personal branding and . . . more].
• Discussing digital tools and special "geeky" effect options in creating vision videos.
• Sharing the storymaking and video making process with ideas, tips, and lesson learned.
• Managing time and curriculum tasks for launching I-imagine projects with varied age levels.
• Reviewing the impact of time invested against skills and standards mastered.
• Organizing a "ShowTime" - benefits and processes that both celebrate and inspire.
• Using videos post media making for consulting - self-reflection - re-energizing - experiences will be shared!

Advice to Younger Self ~

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I-imagine PDF Curriculum Samplettes