What's YOUR Sentence?

Do you want to engaged students with knowing their strengths and "light" but need a smaller media product to jump start the year? or need to make the most of limited time? Try one of these variations modified and expanded from Daniel Pink's One Sentence Project. While not an in-depth media project thus saving time - these can be used as a dynamic opening / closing scene to portfolios; a pre-writing activity for I-imagine Vision Videos; or . . . created as a stand-alone activity to help students think BIG while nourishing their inner lives and creating community in your classrooms.

These short versions can STILL have impact IF students are coached to dig deep to ponder, reflect and identify their unique legacy to the world rather than JUST grabbing any ol' sentence. Expect a sentence that really reflects the essence of how they want to be remembered for making a difference in the world.


• A quote found or invented to represent the essence of YOU!

• ONE sentence statement that reflects the essence of yourself asking TWO questions: "What is something you want to be able to say about yourself?” and “What is a quality or an action you want to be known for?” See one teacher's expansion of this project - CLICK HERE!

• A Six Word Memoir - Can you tell your [future - legacy] story in six words? Search YouTube for various grade levels composite of six word memoirs. Beware some are superficial and say little about the author - others have powerful and insightful connotation. Have a discussion about which ones were memorable and why? See student directions for process and tasks --> CLICK HERE

• A few words of advice from their future self to their younger self about how to have a GREAT life - a GREAT year! There are a few techniques to ensure students are really speaking meaningful advice from their future self. These are detailed in the I-imagine PDF Curriculum.

• An "I'm AS . . . Nature Poem" that uses exploration of metaphors as a strategy to awaken the awareness for students who might say, "I don't know."
These are detailed in the I-imagine PDF Curriculum.

Slide66.jpgExample of Nature Bio Poem.jpgSimilie Revision Poem.001.jpg

Ideas and Tips

Sentence are Good - Media-based Products EVEN Better!
1. Make sure EVERY word counts - words convey rich meaning - challenge students to choose STRONG connotative vocabulary. It's Thesaurus time - but the rich choices of synonymns need to speak to the author AND match the topic and written style.

2. Practice student voices before recording to emotionally deliver their words!

3. Fonts as Artful Expression ~ encourage students to choose a font that reflects a personality or essence of themselves and their poem

4. Create a visual slide show that runs at beginning of class as students enter! Find other public places [school front desk - local library etc]

5. Experiment with green screening for a short video with students vocally sharing their sentence with an image/video in the background that also represents the essence of them. APPS: Green Screen Mobile Effects - GSMX [for iPhone] or Green Screen by Doink

6. Try using the APP "Word Swag" or other digital word designing [Phoster - Text on Photo - InstaPhrase Free] that visually creates interest with words. These usually incorporate an image background - leave room for the student to "stand" in their word poster while being green screened.

7. Ask students to develop "process statements" reflecting on their choices of statement aka "short story" that reveals something about themselves [WHY] - before and after - word choice - design - colors - images - and/or placement of text. What was their thinking or criteria for choices? Check out these awesome examples of "process statements" aka reflections --> CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.

8. View the following YouTube Composite created by Smith Magazine Six Word Memoir Project - take special note of the various creative media-making styles as ideas for expressing either ONE sentence or Six Word Memoirs. Give students the respect of expecting a creative media product with some polished craftsmanship rather than JUST filming them talking against a classroom wall. Inspire students to create a media-based product that reflects the essence of their sentence.

Ron Winter's and Mardi Hagar's Sixth Graders' Six Words [Nelli Coffman MS]

hagar six word memoir.jpg
Danny's Six Words ~ Nellie Coffman MS, Palm Springs, CA
SIX WORD - Jessica AFTER.jpg
Jessica's Six Words - Nellie Coffman MS, Palm Springs, CA

Smith Magazine's Composite to Inspire Media-Making Ideas