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Finding purpose and passion are the hallmarks of a life that matters, a life worth living. They are also the source of joy and happiness. The greatest gift parents and teachers can give their children is to help them discover, nourish and act on shining their light beginning NOW.

I-imagine™ Student Scrapbook and Teacher's Guide resources are available as a LICENSED PDF curriculum package as a one-time fee for either individual educators or as a building site-based price. Pricing is $49.95 per teacher for use their own students. Or $499.00 per school building.

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Presentations, Workshops, Camps, and Artist-in-Residence Programs are also available. Contact Bernajean@Digitales.us


I-imagine's Student Scrapbooking Journey guides students through a personal journey of exploring, wondering, mining, and inventing teir BEST future life. The pre-writing activities awaken the dreamer and believer to discover and activate life-goals for shining their light in the world for good - living in the truth that their lives and talents matter to the world. A finale multimedia, vision video culminates a well-crafted, docudrama narrative storytelling AS IF their future life is NOW ending with advice to their younger self.

I-imagine's™ Teacher's Guide features detailed planning processes with optional extension ideas for pre-writing activities; facilitating self-directed learning spaces; coaching powerful narratives; resource links, and managing the media-making process plus a multitude of other high-yielding, best teaching / learning practices that will serve classrooms long beyond this project. [Note: Presently PDF's download with FireFox but not Safari - trouble shooting at hand or email bernajean@digitales.us for a quick personal response to receiving these copies]