A Story Prompt

If you were in charge of the world of learning, invent how you would design learning as the most intriguing adventure and enticing path of every student's life? Write a narrative story AS IF YOUR imagined, invented learning environment - the choices, resources, and learning activites or work - is now a reality SHOWING how learning comes alive in ways that engages young adults in rigorously preparing to take their place in the world - a learning environment that empowers learners with skills, courage, confidence, optimism and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others. We await your visions manifesting in the world of learning!

Crafting NEW Stories - Elements of Scenario Writing

• Writing what you DO want is a first step to creating "storyfields" shaping and influencing the world around you.
• Imagine your problem, situation or intention -
• Build a multi-media scenario expressing BEST Hopes 7+ years from now
• Uses images, sounds, narrative details that show (not tell ABOUT) a day in the life of ONE person
• Embed values and qualities of MOST desired showing your solution in action

Assumptions of Futuring - brought to you by Bernajean

• There are many possible futures.
• If this were not true, there would be little point in doing more than going along for the ride.
• Not all possible futures are equally probable.
• Not all possible futures are equally desirable.
• What is most preferred among the possibilities is NOT necessarily to become a probability . . . . without some concerted effort to make it so.

Qualities to Shape Stories

1. One page telling the story of ONE day 7-12 years from now
2. First person narrative - names / details - make your solution come ALIVE for others
3. Positive - what you DO want
4. Present tense -- AS IF it were NOW - showing your solution already implemented and successful
5. Have fun! Imagine! We await your vision!


  • The Art of the Long View: Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World ~ Peter Schwartz
  • Knowledge Navigator (1987)
  • Project 2000 (1987) Scenarios of Apple Technologies That Could Be