I-imagine Vision Videos

The I-imagine Project is grounded in new research for inspiring hope, joy and action in students discovering and activating their own life-goals - living in the truth that their lives and talents matter to the world. View sample Minot ND student docudramas facilitated by Bernajean Porter with Julie Jaeger. Students were guided through explorations and narrative writing to role-play a self-produced vision video AS IF it were 20 years from now and their future self was already shining their light, activating their talents and using their unique strengths for good in the world ~ living their BEST life NOW!

  • More info about presentations, workshops, and artist-in-residence programs can be explored @ I-imagine Project Training.
  • Curriculum resource inquiries can be made via Bernajean@Digitales.us
  • Original link for Vision Videos are posted @ I-imagine Gallery. Be prepared to be charmed and inspired by the advice their older self shares with their younger self on how to travel the path to their imagined future.
  • Email any student vision video products and/or experiences you wish to share via I-imagine Gallery to bernajean@DigiTales.us

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